New technology gives faster writing

I just posted the article New technology gives faster writing….

Reported by The Register, a new technology gives faster CD writing, with fewer errors…

New technology from AOpen promises to deliver faster CD writing, with fewer errors. Engineers at the…

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Plextor burnproof 12/10/32 here. No buffer underruns or whatever…
A 80 min audio in 7.30 min. approx.
Just wanna say that.

Some mistakes here:

  1. Plextor 12/10/32 SCSI (I’ve got it ) does only create a 10 microns gap!
  2. Justlink was already being used by Ricoh recorders at 12x

And still Plextor rulezzz

damn i have a plexxie 12 speed no burn proof.
think i will buy with with burn proof…with dreamcast cd’s i have to much buffer underruns.

Damn, plex 12x+burnproof is da best!

Simply perfect!

I hope the engineers at Plextor / Sanyo will improve the BurnProof technology, so it will stay the best burner in the world (have 1 myself)

Go Plextor!!!

aopen suck - their burners always feg up: hey solve the problem altogether: keep all your cd images on your HDD and hey presto! no buffer underruns!

fuck all this,
just use SCSI !!!

Sounds like it makes for a slower burn to me! Why buy a fast CDR just to have Burn-Proof/JustLink slow it down. WHat a waste. Just buy a Yamaha with an 8MB buffer if you have a decent system, you will never need Burn-Proof/JustLink. I use Nero and my read/write buffers stay between 97% and 99% while burning at 16x.

JustLink was in fact develped by Ricoh, not Aopen. Don’t waste your money on a cheap burner like Aopen, spend a bit more and get something decent.

New Technology? JustLink has been out already for months… Aopen has been falling asleep…