New Technology Against DVD Pirates

I just posted the article New Technology Against DVD Pirates.

Submitted by: SamuriHL
Source: Wired

An anti-piracy fingerprinting technology for identifying illegally copied CDs and DVDs has been developed by a company specializing in the forensic analysis…

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MAN, always the same old song…this is like the cd protection…remember “PIRATES OUT OF WORK” articles ??? SAFEDISC,etc…???
What is made by MAN will B cracked by PIRATES !!!
It is a simple question of time…


yehhh we’ve heard all this crap before a hundred times … the only way to make something totally secure is totally destroy it so it cant even be used

Ah, ah, ah!!!
In italy we say “Fatta la legge, trovato l’inganno” (maked the law, find the way… to brake it)!
Is there anyone who is so sure that this “new technology” can’t be cracked by pirates?


DEJAVUEwhen do they learn anything made by man can be copyd !!!

Fuck The RIAA,BSA etc.etc.
IF they were not so stupid to spend money on protections and give the burners a break,they would make higher profits and everyone’s happy.


heheh, have you ever tried to make a copyprotection from a AVI file ???
Same with audio…


That’s what I call funny .
I’ll give them ehm… 2 weeks

hi guys
I am planning on buying a playstation to relieve my bordem but i would like to know if i have to install a mod chip even if i copy my cds with clone cd Thanks

Wow…finaly they have found THE solution against illigal copies! Yeah right hehehe

Stud: Yes you still need a Mod-Chip for your PSX.

Heres a scenerio:

I just walked into a store and picked out a DVD writer… I go to the cashier and pay for the DVD writer (with either cash or credit card). The cashier takes my money rings up the order and im out the door… I didnt give her my info nor did she take down the info of the DVD writer… I go home and burn 200+ DVD and distribute them… Somehow they end up in these peoples hands and after testing them they come up that the writer was made by Sony November 2004 batch 13342063abc…

Now my question:

How the FUCK do they know Joe Shmoe from 123 Around-the-fucking-world Place telephone # 123-456-7890 who eats cheerios in the morning and takes a shit while reading a porno magazine was the guy who distributed these DVDS?

My opinion:

This is nothing to be afraid of and when I get a chance Im gonna try to burn millions of DVDs so that these fucks could pull the hair out of their heads trying to find me!

Never buy CD-R’s other than with cash money, and never ever buy your burner with other than cash money. And last but not least: Don’t send in guarantee coupons that come with your burner (f*ck the extended guarantee period, if it’s an a-brand it won’t break down for at least two years).


btw TheRip
great site :wink:


Every cd has already a unique serial number, so if you get some cd’s with serial numbers in a order, you already know that it is from the same.

Yep… fuck those assholes… Hitler is the best!
Heil Hitler!! =)

He Black-Wolf
Why don’t you try to get a job
with the BSA.
They are in big need of (people)with a low iq like you

I think All protections can be broke! All protections have negative sites! It`s only matter of time when they broke the protection!!! But that is scary if they can find you!!!

Yeah, slaine
U got problem?

I forgot to mention that when you do buy one of these drives dont fill out the registration card electronically or anything else for that matter… They will get your name address phone # and the serial and model # of the drive you have… Thus this is the way they can track you down…

Can you please ban Black-Wolf from this site/forum? This has nothing to do with CDFreaks or what they/we stand for!