New tech boosts HDD capacity



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Western Digital is among the companies building hard drive that store more data in the same advertised capacity, thanks to a new technology.

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Since one file will occupy at least one sector, doesn’t this cause more wasted space if you have a lot of small files??? Some name, address, telephone combos occupy less than 512 bytes. The rest is wasted space. I figure worst case for the mentioned info would be 173 bytes. In the present way that would leave 339 bytes wasted. With this “new” format it would leave 3,923 bytes wasted. So where is the big savings. Just curious.


The default cluster size for an NTFS formatted HDD is 4096 bytes - depends on the HDD/partition size but in >90% of the cases this would probably be correct.

A cluster size of 4096 bytes is made from eight 512 byte sectors, so any file smaller than 4096 bytes will occupy 4096 bytes anyway.

Just do Right Click->Properties on any non-zero size file smaller than 4096 bytes and look at the “Size on disk” value.

About the only way to get a formatted HDD with a cluster size of 512 bytes these days is if you specified it during the formatting.