New TEAC 540E firmware 1.0C fix

This may be old news, but I got a TEAC 540E/KIT yesterday and it showed the buffer size as about 6MB. I read the CDFreaks review that talked about the buffer size. The new firmware version 1.0C fixes the buffer size so it now shows 8mb.

At present I don’t have much to burn so I took Comanche 4 off the CD and burned it on to a blank. It took 3 minutes and 4 seconds. Seemed fast to me. Was it?


This was done to prevent confusion. The TEAC CD-W540E shows the useable buffer size (6746KB) instead of the full buffer size (8192KB). As this can be confusing (people may think it has a smaller buffer), this has been reversed and now it shows the full buffer again like all writers do. I have the same drive and I love it :smiley:

I also discovered today that Feurio now supports the TEAC 540E. They have a small patch that adds the drive.