New TDK 4-layer Blu-ray prototype stores up to 100GB of data



I just posted the article New TDK 4-layer Blu-ray prototype stores up to 100GB of data.

 Just when  HD-DVD thought they were catching up close to Blu-Ray's capacity with a 3-layer 45GB  disc,                   TDK has developed a Blu-ray  disc prototype that uses four layers giving...
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200GB Blu-ray in 2005 at an affordable cost could probably steal a lot of the mainstream desktop and notebook HDD/ODD market, but for now it’s too remote. 1TB perpendicular recording HDD will come sooner. As for Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, it’s great to see the two camps are competiting to offer more to end users!


Looking backward, when we used to write into floppies and then into 700mb cd-r, I wouldn’t have ever thought of being able to store up 100GB+ into a 12cm disc :slight_smile:


I dont understand some people. I look at 100gigs as a blessing. The Whole Star Wars Saga in HD on 1 disk, TV shows all on 1 disk. Forget about season to season you can put a whole series on 100gigs (non HD).


Even better, drop the compression for higher quality:X


All that porno on one disc…