New tax in the Netherlands adds up to one Euro on DVD recordables

I just posted the article New tax in the Netherlands adds up to one Euro on DVD recordables.

  Pancras Pouw and StevieB  reported to us that the Dutch goverment has put a tax on DVD  recordables in the Netherlands. The tax is a compensation for authors and  other copyright...
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suckers! Well, if I copy all DVD’s from store now, they cannot say a thing about it at all. It’s just legal then :P. Sucky taxes :S. Maybe just buy the shit in Taiwan :P. Or lower the prices 50 cents @ cdfreaks-shop :P. Will do too :wink: again; sucking shit :S:c

Unfortunately this is not true. From what I understand this tax compensates for the legal personal backups you create.

Domi creating a backup is OUR right and this tax would be nonsense…I think that this tax was created because of the $$ loss provocated by piracy.

Every other tax like this never makes it to the people it’s said to ‘protect’ Somehow it always ends up sitting in a bank going nowhere.

Somehow it always ends up sitting in a bank going nowhere.
I thought it ended up as ferarri’s for those record company exec’s… afterall there’s a recession going on! We need to keep their wallet’s well filled. Anyway I think it’s stupid… Due to copy protection the normal user is denied reserve copies to start off this. I can only see this as a pre-emptive fine, which is illegal until proven innocent as far as I recall… Oh and before I forget… This is simply anti-competitive to make one format cheaper then the other. This will create a spiral into cheaper +R media and will leave the -R users out in the cold…
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Next time a politician wants your vote… F*** him off and tell him why.

oh this just gives everyone in the netherlands carte blance to copy commercial dvd’s at will… i certainly would… and i’d be sure and tell the clerk at blockbuster that i will be making a perfect copy, since i have paid for it thru this rediculous tax… no problem!

Anyway there’s a similar tax here in Italy…I fear that there will be a tax over all the Europe in short time.

Hello all, Well there is still a law in The Netherlands that allows a personal back-up. Dates back to to ‘good old vinyl-casette’ period. Even for rented games/dvd’s ! But for how long…??? The Euro-Parlement is making up diffrent laws and The Netherlands must comply to it. But I must say (I live in The Netherlands) I don’t feel guilty (from 1-7-2003) to make back-up’s from rented dvd’s :d Just my 2 cents and best regards to all, Lenco