New Talking Web Ads

Whats the deal with the new talking web ads? I find them extremly distracting and I do not want the spinning storage system.
tulsa :frowning:

Which kind, I believe there are ads with simple midi or wav playing in the background, some are Java based, some are Flash, and some are eyelets. Yes they are annoying, especially the new one sthat appar in Layers. I block all these, as I too agree and am annoyed by ads and popups.

Use Firefox with either adblock or flashblock… and you’d never know they existed. :bigsmile:

What talking web ads?

I really think talking ads are enemies of the Information Era. Do they now make your storage system spin a lot?

Haven’t seen them (yet). :smiley:

I don’t know if anyone else has heard it but there’s also another one of those talking web ads about speeding up your college degree. Anytime I hear it i exit the site immediately.