New Taiyo Yuden printable CD-R Watershield glossy!

Hi, i’ve seen this today the first time. There are now new printable CD-R’s called
watershine glossy. It should be absoluteley water resistant no need for any color fix sprays etc. also like verbatim’s glossy media it should be a higher quality of printing, so i guess that DVD-R’s would come also soon.
And also the main page here

Sounds too good to be true… but i look forward to test them:) Shame i just bought 200 “old school” printable TY cdr… :wink:

Oh yes i’ll order maybe these days a little package to test them, that’s a good start i hope dvd media will follow now.

So that’s the new printable layer. Allready heard the rumours about a new type of printable layer incase of TY.

Now not rumours anymore, still available!

TY watershield available now in Canada at

10 pack samples available too.

Yay! Taiyo Yuden really does some nice stuff :slight_smile:
But doesn’t another third-party reseller make printables out of TY’s unbrandeds?

Are there any DVD+R watershield media yet? I’m dying to purchase any that is available!!!

Please split this thread :cop:
There’s color protection spray…

Why? What subject and posts do you think belong in a separate thread? :confused:

No - No big demand for that - There will likely be glossy DVD-R but no plans for +R yet to my knowledge.

Also, I am surprised to see TY sell glossy CD-Rs, and not provide glossy DVD+R - Also those CD-Rs are printable to hub (full faced).

They are called watershield, but I am skeptic as to being “water resistent”. I have attempted to get some samples but it is not available yet in samples.

Perhaps when used with pigment based inks, but dye based inks (i.e. EPSON R200/300) colours will look much better and vibrant but if you touch the disc with wet fingers it will smudge - Something has to be applied ONTOP of the dried printed surface - How can a disc already be waterproof ?

If anybody has a chance to test this with a a dye based ink please let me know I am very interested to know about this.

absorbing of the dye by the surface is possible in theory.

I actually purchased these discs two days ago. I have a canon ip5200 which allows CD printing. Here are my impressions:

The quality of the surface is unbelievable. Very vibrant colors. It looks better than even factory pressed discs. Truly a site to behold. The glossy surface makes a huge difference.


For some odd reason after I have printed a disc, I notice what looks like light scratches or marks across the surface. I can only see them when I reflect light off the label. I cannot see them looking dead onto the disc. My only theory is that the Taiyo Yudens may be a little thicker than traditional CDRs thus rubbing up harder against the rollers inside my printer which pull in my cd Tray for printing. Either that or the surface is a lot more sensitive to the print head. Can’t figure out what the issue is. But the disc does seem slightly thicker.

I haven’t tested the waterproofing aspect of the label yet, but I’ll post some results later.

This isn’t much of a test, but I did take a wet cloth and wipe the surface of the disc. The waterproofing definately worked. The label did not smear or rub off.

Any uk stockists, SVP, maybe soon?

Same thing over here, the quality of the surface is amazing, but there are some light scratches after the printing process is finished, caused by my Canon Pixma 4200 inkjet printer. However, when you spray them afterwards with a “Colour Protective Spray”, these scratches disappear completely, and the CD looks even more glossy, almost like a little mirror.

These CD’s are “full faced”, but around the hub, the colors are a little bit brighter. Nothing to worry about though, the glossy finish just blows this imperfection away.

Overall I’m very pleased with them, although they are not 100 % perfect yet. In my opinion, they still need some kind over protection, just to keep them nice and shinny. When you “handle” them frequently, your fingerprints will otherwise spoil their look a bit, just like on a printed (glossy) photo. I just have to find a way now (going for perfection), to avoid any dust particles, when spraying these disc’s, any tips (or links) anyone ?

Whats the difference between Watershield Glossy and Glossy Printable…and are these lgihtscribe compatable? Iam confused to what so special about these

Watershield Glossy is just what it says, it’s glossy (like a photograph) and it’s water-resistant. With most inkjet printables, glossy or not, if they get water on them after being printed the ink will come off. Inkjet printable media is not LightScribe compatible.

SO these are better than full injet printable? Do they come in DVD+R?

If you are talking about dye based inks, yes. If you use a pigment based ink like on the EPSON R800+ combined with the hi-gloss tank, you will get the same effect, and even better than the watershield itself. I think Jettec offers refills for the R800 inks including the gloss tank.