New system, went from 20A4P/w 9P59 Customized to iHAS124-14E



My previous 20A4P was fully customized with the old settings utility, overspeed writing, online hyper tuning, everything. Burnt everything I threw at it perfect. Now, after all of these years, I’m trying to catch up on this new model. PATA has went the way of the dodo. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Edit: I should note that the firmware is 4L08, as of yet i haven’t been able to get the Lite-On site to download the firmware update utility, though this may be the most recent for this model.


Outside of the official LiteOn settings (which you already know about – HyperTuning, OverSpeed, etc), there isn’t anything to really tweak. Much like the A1 and A4 drives of old, the iHASx24 drives flick HT/OHT on automatically whenever the write strategy for a given MID demands it.

There is no custom firmware to unlock higher over speed support for more discs, but the drive should be slightly more stable at high-speed writing (the first 18x and 20x drives would sometimes refuse to slow down when they were struggling to keep up that high speed), but I think the drives are also more likely to refuse to burn at a higher speed if the discs aren’t good enough.

There is no way to achieve an RPC1 drive if the old tools don’t work; I am not sure if any of the tools can reset the RPC2 setting. If none of the tools properly support resetting the drive’s region setting, we generally recommend using something like AnyDVD to bypass region locks.


Thank you, Albert. I did a few tests after posting this, and using the settings tool. The forced hypertuning caused lower PIE/PIF on these discs. 18/4 max with them enabled on MB made TDK’s isn’t bad at all, imho.


Just got the drive to RPC1 using the newest version of the EEPROM utility. It was greyed out the last time i tried it, but it worked this time.


With FHT and OHT on 4L0A Firmware
Media: MBIPG101 R05 - TDK Branded
Burnt at 16x both times, FHT and OHT forced a speed drop to 12x.
Second is without FHT and OHT and reached 16x but auto-HTed.


CD-R Verbatim Branded MB burnt at 48x, scanned at 16x. Not bad at all. Quite impressed by this drive so far.


Side note: the iHAS124/224/… threads are arranged based on hardware revision. This is reflected in the old-school/internal LiteOn model numbers you see at the end of the thread name, like “iHAS122/222/322/422 8 B[/B]”.

You know the DH20A[B]4[/B]. It was referred to as such, and the thread title reflected that. After that came the iHAS120 6, which inside of LiteOn (or on certain OEM drives) is referred to as a DH20A[B]6[/B]. That thread is, accordingly, the “iHAS120/220 (DH20A6)” thread.

Skip a few hardware revisions, we trickle down to iHAS124/224/324/… [B]A[/B], which was DH24A[B]A[/B].

A few more hardware revisions…

…Then you reach the iHAS124[B] E[/B]. That’s DH24A[B]E[/B]. So you would look here:
[moving your post recommending 4L0A fromthe 24A[B]B[/B] thread to the correct thread. ;)]


Thank you, Albert. Hopefully it will reach more members that way.