New System w/SATA

I am waiting on a new Dell 530 Quadcore Q6600 with I think only SATA available on the MOBO (I think only SATA after spending a loooooong time with Dell tech help that couldn’t understand why I would need to know about such a thing on a machine just now being built, and why I would need an upgrade already to the DVD burner !!!)
My question is this, having had really good results with LiteOn for a long time (LH-20A1H-LLOC and a SOHD-169PS-FS09 as a reader) what should I be looking at now to equip the new desktop ? I have no problem leaving the LiteOn family but have always liked the abilty to upgrade firmware when an improvement is available. I also use only Verbatim 16X +R media and have not had a coaster in a couple of years.

Suggestions ?

Thanks for any opinions offered.

I have an SATA-only Dell which came with an Optiarc 5170S already fitted, and I’ve chosen to pair it with a Samsung 203N.

The Pioneer DVR-215 is another good SATA drive, so I hear. Since I like my 5170S a fair bit, the Optiarc 72xx series drives might be woirth a look too :slight_smile:

Next time build your own maybe?

What are you wanting a (one) good reader/ripper and burner or 2 drives one for reading/ripping and one for burning?

Wait and see what it comes with first…

What I would prefer to do is use a good DVD-ROM (or a burner that is a good reader also) as a reader and then a good burner so as to avoid swapping discs during a copy. I have not a clue what the machine comes with and was hoping to be able to have an upgraded burner at least ready to throw in when the new desktop comes.

Yeah, I hope to have the time to build a machine next time, but was in a time pinch and found this one well appointed, including a nice 22" digital widescreen for under $800. Couldn’t build it for that anyway. The sale only lasted one day and I lucked into it accidently.

Anything else I should investigate ?

Thanks again-