New survey touts mobile payment tech as 'next step'

New survey touts mobile payment tech as ‘next step’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]MasterCard has released the findings of a survey that asked consumers how they felt about near field communication (NFC) technology as a simpler payment option using just their smart phones. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the results suggest the younger set is more comfortable with the concept of a card-less, cashless transaction. But is that enough for the controversial technology to catch on?

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Japanese have been using their cell phones to pay for things for at least 5 years. I remember watching people “swipe” their phones over a pad at a convience store and also the train. I personally wouldn’t want to use it, but I guess it’s better than getting a chip implanted in my palm…

Most highly suggest that Orwell’s “1984” and Aldus Huxley’s “A Brave New World” become Mandatory Reading in all Schools.
Perhaps then a few of the “18-34” set might actually locate a couple of working Grey Cells, rub them together and spark the idea that e-transactions are a pretty stupid idea.
Just look at the 100 million accounts hacked on Sony.