New, super dense memory chips may arrive soon

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This is the future, but first they need to make it for 10 dollars a chip.

If the chips survive the 5 year torture test… then it is viable, but pricing is still king too. Realistic initial pricing is about $150 these days for a terabyte in the micro sdxc configuration. There are already 256gb chips going around…

The sweet spot is the 64 or 128gb chips, currently depending on budget going for about $30 to $60, respectively. Meanwhile usb flash is much pricier for the higher speed usb3 storage. I think I’d go for a 1-2tb flash drive for about $99 if it meant 500+MB per second read/write access 24/7/365. The lifetime savings on HDD spinning alone could net some savings too.

I couple years ago, I bought a Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet, and along with it, I bought a SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64 gigabyte MicroSDXC card. When I was researching which card to buy, I remember reading a SanDisk claim that the MicroSDXC card was capable of storing up to two terabytes of data using the exact same technology they used for the 64 gigabyte card. The MicroSDXC card is less than half the size of a standard U.S. postage stamp. Here’s some information on it from

RRAM is many, many times faster than flash. Even if they do release a 2tb SDXC card, it could be obsolete soon just from a speed vantage point in respect to RRAM.

This is assuming RRAM [B]does[/B] make it to market, and isn’t just vaporware.