New Super Bit DVD Question?

I have almost no knowlege about this new DVD format other than they process the data quicker thus enabling more bits per second and giving a superior picture.

I’m wondering if we will be able to copy these with CloneDVD and will they only fit on a DL disk. Anyone have any experience with this media.?

Well, some say they’re a marketing scam, but others with the High Tech TV’s DVD players and Hifi say they are unbelievable quality on action movies with digital effects, apparently the only difference is that they use all available space on a DVD-9 and have little or no extras, so when copied to another DVD-R9 using any capable app there is no loss of quality or bitrate. Copied to a DVD-R5 you may as well copy the standard original. According to another forum Any and Clone DVD (current versions tested) do DVD-R9 1:1 copies.

I tested some Superbits, and the Videorate wasn’t higher, than on some “good” high-grade DVDs. (The superbits I’ve seen all had at least one DTS sound track, so this reduces the maximum possible video Datarate).

CloneDVD did a very good compression job on these discs, especially if you left out the DTS track(s). It will copy to dual layer as well, if you can afford the media. If you are a DTS junkie and a picture purist, CloneDVD will even split the disc to two single layer discs.

Thanks for your replies, quite interesting. I do own a DVD player that is capable of showing DVD’s at a 1080I resolution on my 50" LCD Sony TV.

I refuse to pay 15.00 for a DL disc, might as well keep using the original instead of making a backup :a .

I never use the DTS option, I’d prefer better PQ than sound and guide the resources to that portion. I will try to get my hands on one and make a copy not using the DTS and do movie only, I always use retain menu, but in this case I will leave it out to get the best PQ possible. Curious to see if produces a better viewing experience.

I refuse to pay 15.00 for a DL disc
Thats highway robbery! In New York or the states in general I would have thought they’d be cheap like fuel.


Prices may have come down from the 15.00 mark since I last looked, whatever they are they can’t compare to buying two high quality disks at approximately .70 cents US for Taiyo Yuden.

Fuel has risen significantly,not only in the USA but worldwide, as we all know
But you are correct, fuel proces are cheap here in the USA in comparison to what other countries pay. I filled up yesterday at $ 2.32 dollars a gallon.
That would be eqivalent to 62 US cents per liter. Keep in mind gas prices differ throughout the country, New York is one of the higher priced states.

Using a currency converter the 2.32 US would equal 3.11 Aussie dollars, and if my calulations are correct should be about .85 Aussie per liter.
What are you paying per liter?

It just jumped from $1 AU to $1.21 AU per litre. Since the Iraq conflict, everyones blaming the price of oil per barrel. They dont seem to realise that here its the government that dictates the price. (slightly off topic) .70c is an awesome price for SL high quality disc’s though, you wait I bet once Blu Ray kicks in, it’ll drop the price of DL, the way DL dropped the price of SL.

“It just jumped from $1 AU to $1.21 AU per litre.”
Wow that’s quite expensive, we sincerely need to persue alternative sources of energy. Wish I could power my vehicle with methane, wife claims I have an abundance of that source.

How does one do this with DVDClone (I am on version I see no option for this “spliting”. I tried once to get a complete DVD and ConeDVD told me would not fit on the blank. :confused:

Sorry for going off-topic but since ya’ll are taking about gas I figured it would be okay. :wink:

Well I had an idea, I RTFM’ed. Well, I read it at least but it seems real hard to do or rather a real pain in the butt… Oh well let see who may DVD’s I’ll have to trash before getting it correct… LOL

Best Buy offers all SuperBit DVD’s at 9.99 each.
Regarding quality image and audio, its only noticable on higher end equipment. No noticable difference on other equip.

You’ve been digging through the pre-Civil War archives at cdfreaks. You’ll soon earn your degree in archaeology! :bigsmile:

Absolutely correct Awesom-O. You will only get a noticeable improvement in quality if viewed using a component connection, with Progressive scan turned on, on an HDTV.

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Click on the scissors icon. You can adjust the start and end chapters. Just find the last chapter that will let you get to 100% quality. Burn the disk and repeat the process with the 2nd set of chapters.