New study of Blu-Ray discs published May 2018

Does anyone know more about this publication from earlier this year?

“Blu-Ray Media Stability and Suitability for Long-Term Storage” by Joe Iraci

I wouldn’t mind paying to read this if I knew if it specified useful details like MID and manufacturing date. Google’s image search shows several pictures from the study (obviously copyright protected, so I won’t post anything here), but many are of physical disc structures/layers and none specify brand, MID, or date.

I´m not sure if they only make a conclusion of the reference-articles?

At least the german section of this article is horrible translated. For example: … dass derzeit Daten mit schon hohen anfänglichen Fehlerraten auf Blu-ray Medien gespeichert werden

How do I store data with high error-rates? I mean the data itself, not the error-rate of the media

Googling for Joe Iraci and blu-ray test i found this article from 2013:

They were doing some accelerated test for flash and blu-ray media and concluded that blu-ray is not suitable for long terms storage.

From what I’ve learned so far those accelerated test can show the potential weaknesses of the media but have little in common with real life usage, storage and aging.

There’s also a description of the planned work/research here under the heading “Suitability of Blu-ray media for long-term storage”:

Since it was planned until 2019 the research has either been cut short or is still ongoing.

Tester_1: The German text was probably computer translated for that particular site. Most sites only provide the abstract in English.

Yep, that´s what I thought.