New study finds music sales drop likely caused by less choice

I just posted the article New study finds music sales drop likely caused by less choice.

  According  to the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA), the wholesale recorded  music sales in 2004 decreased by 4% in volume and 6% in value compared with the  previous year. ...
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Just because new releases dropped by 35% does not mean that consumers are going to purchase less. I’d say at least four out of the six percent loss is due to illegal file sharing. I know many people who do not even buy CDs anymore because they can get music for free on the web.

I no longer buy cd’s cause all that new music is CRAP. I am sick and tired of one hit wonders and manufactured bands. I will take indie recordings over all that MPAA crap anyday, and I will support them when I see them at my local bars when they do shows! Stick with Indie, the only true music that is made by the artist because they have passion.

Agreed. The music industry has relentlessly marketed music to the sub 13 year olds because they had alot of untapped disposable income. Now the markets flooded with crappy music and its driven away older buyers and they wonder why music sales drop. In the UK, singles sales are at an all time low but album sales are at an all time high because adults buy albums, that’s where the quality music can be found. The music industry has to open its eyes and realise its decline is of its own doing. People are voting with theyre wallets and stopping p2p isnt going to help one bit.

The internet has made it easy for people to diversify from the mainstream that is forced upon them. There is no doubt that the use of the internet has greatly helped many small bands get their music out to the public. I would have to agree that stopping P2P will not increase album sales. People simply will not crave manufactured crap once they have had a taste of “indie” music.

I wouldnt even download the mainstream music if it was legally downloadable for free. If it was on my computer i would delete it. For me its just :r. I cant even remember the last time i was in a music shop… Oh wait the last time i was in my local music shop i bought a game and a 2 dvd’s :B.

It’s so true, virtually no one I know listens to what the radio and MTV/Much force on them. I have no idea how record sales of this material can be so high. I usually order CDs directly from the artist’s website if I’m going to buy an album.