New studies paint rosy picture for 3D TV, passive shutter glasses

New studies paint rosy picture for 3D TV, passive shutter glasses.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Are you already a 3D TV aficionado? Do you bore friends by bloviating on the differences between active and passive shutter glasses? If so, recent studies suggesting a coming home entertainment boom for the technology may not surprise you. But for everyone else hesitant to adopt another type of TV so soon after going HD, two new reports by two different firms are predicting you'll eventually cave.

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As someone that Sells TVs for a living, Active, Passive makes no difference.
The interest in 3D period just isn’t there!
The “Technojunkies” and “Gotta have it first” already have it and the rest just can’t either be bothered or just don’t find any appeal to it.
3D offerings on Cable/Sat are few and far between and the Movies generally fall into the following catagories Junk, Garbage, Something far Worse or Children’s Annimation.
So far the only customers impressed with 3D are snot nosed geek game addicts or small children that appreciate the 3D animation movies.
Yes, 3D prices are coming down and 3D is migrating lower and lower in everybody’s product lines but “Frankly Scarlett”.

I can’t see it anyways so a waste of money for me and they’ve tried 3d before a few times with movies and things. I’m happy with my older CRT 34" HDTV and will probably upgrade to a big plasma sometime when I have the money and a smokin deal shows up. I’ll get a 3d version only if it also does 2d better then others at that point. I also think it’s a scam trying to get people to pay extra just to watch the 3d version of movies and all that crap. The last movie I went to see was Avatar and we saved quite a bit by watching the normal version and the theater wasn’t packed either.