New Structure Protection

Sony is apparently at it again. Fab reports problems reading “Attack Force” and displays pop-up advising to copy in “Main Movie” or “Customize” (which works fine). Other copying software just crashes haha. FYI.

EDIT This disc encoded Regions 1,3

Well, I for one am shocked…shocked I tell you, that sony would stoop to this… :stuck_out_tongue:
I used to watch SS’s movies, usually “entertaining”, although the last ones I enjoyed were the Under Seige flicks…esp. the 1st.

I caught this comment on imbd:
"…Steven Seagal makes yet another piece of total crap, 28 November 2006…
How do you spell washed up fat Italian who can barely pull off a martial arts move without needing some heart medication?.." :bigsmile:

signals, thanks for the info, appreciate it…

hahaha couldn’t agree more. His career peaked with the “Under Sieges” and has been downhill since. Enjoyed his earlier flicks. And your sig is from one of
my all-time favorites. Better than Casablanca IMHO. If it had only had Lorre and Greenstreet. Enough off topic. I can send the IFOs if Fengtao wants them.

Point to ponder: Why would Sony bother putting double-barrelled protection on this crap and not on their other more noteworthy recent releases?? Makes no sense.

Hi signals,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

Best Regards,

Thank you Fengtao. Works great (see my post in the thread).

Your support is unmatched. I am feeling guilt for only paying for this once. :slight_smile: