**New! StreamFab is released (June 09, 2022)**

New! StreamFab is released (June 09, 2022)

Download Windows version:

Download Windows x64 version:

StreamFab Changelog
New: Added support to download videos from http://www.hulu.jp/store
New: Added support to remux with MKVToolNix when downloading videos to MKV files.
Fix: An analysis failure problem when downloading Amazon Prime videos.
Fix: A problem that descriptive audio is downloaded when downloading Netflix videos.
Fix: A problem that the title of the downloaded files does not contain the name of the TV show when downloading certain Paramount+ shows.
Fix: A problem that only one season is detected after analysis when downloading the Star Trek: Picard from Paramount+.
Fix: A task queue display problem when downloading certain Paramount+ videos.
Fix: A problem that the downloaded SRT files contain repeated subtitles when downloading Pluto TV videos.
Fix: A problem that certain FANZA videos are downloaded in 360p despite selecting 480p.
Fix: Some minor GUI display problems.

StreamFab (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: streamfab_5037.exe
MD5: 1d73f6a4f8b23d3678b026efe735d03a
SHA1: a760a7dc2b958b9425af0baea948a512454a874b
CRC32: 654465be

StreamFab x64 (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: streamfab_x64_5037.exe
MD5: 37a72197df3bf962d7946a5c3a8ced94
SHA1: 6d7ff1e187348dc7ccd3808d27df352f48609c67
CRC32: 97353a1b