**New! StreamFab is released (April 29, 2022)**

New! StreamFab is released (April 29, 2022)

Download Windows version:

Download Windows x64 version:

StreamFab Changelog
New: Due to the upgraded DRM encryption, HBO Max videos released on April 25 (and after), 2022 can only be downloaded in 720p quality for the time being, while others can still be downloaded in 1080p.
Fix: A problem that Hulu videos are downloaded in 360p with ver. despite selecting 720p.
Fix: A problem that U-NEXT videos are downloaded in 240p with ver. despite selecting 1080p/720p.

StreamFab (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: streamfab_5032.exe
MD5: b939d2f46bb3e7c3d9160207a2bbbef8
SHA1: 80ab670012dbca51c43e82a71128dbf28fe514f3
CRC32: 754a114b

StreamFab x64 (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: streamfab_x64_5032.exe
MD5: 99243d45e9164338f4f48326a648a47a
SHA1: dae8582534afae2b201773293913d744d9d9fb6c
CRC32: de265556