**New! StreamFab is released (July 22, 2021)**

New! StreamFab is released (July 22, 2021)

Download Windows version:

Download Windows x64 version:

StreamFab Changelog
New: Added the Clear All feature in the task queue.
Fix: A failure problem when downloading videos from HBO Nordic.

StreamFab (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: streamfab_4009.exe
MD5: 1c01395d995c92e8ea93c6a47d030d21
SHA1: 451887dc109a1d83fb6256959dc781493afa4ef4
CRC32: d285b9c0

StreamFab x64 (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: streamfab_x64_4009.exe
MD5: 9716530bb9069a2b7541ab07e197f46d
SHA1: 809c58f46966a8559b086019ce70414b90888f09
CRC32: b8047f23