New Stock NEC ND-3520A firmware 3.04 released today!

hehe =) It also shows Mitsubishi at 16x … but my MCC002 aren’t supported at 16x =P

So NEC is intentionally trying to drive me insane. Figures. Thanks for the response. I feel much better now about upgrading.

hehe yes they included a second MXL RG03 and made it 2x only for you :wink:

So how do I run a disc quality test exactly? I just need a disc I already burned? Would a DVD Video disc work?

You need a disc that is burned (well a pressed disc can also du the trick)… Nero CD/DVD Speed version 3.75 or higher, this firmware and you have all you need. =)
Then you put the disc into the drive… run Nero CD/DVD Speed… in Extra you have Disc Quality Test option… then set speed… hit start and wait. =)

Okay what does this mean?

Here is one at 12X. So does this mean that I should burn these discs at 12X instead of 16X?

3530 is missing. how come? :bigsmile:

I think that list is from NEC’s European website. As far as i know, the ND-3530 will only be available in Asia.

No, it means your scanning those discs to fast.
Choose 5X or 8X speeds for scanning.

Thanks goodness that NECs finally released new firmware…

Here’s a quick look at my results from MCC 02RG20 DVD-R (Ridisc)

Not too bad


Noticed that Nec stapped back form dvd-r 1.02d in fw1.04 (8th) to 1.02 in fw3.04 :confused:
Does anyone know why?
One of my standalones has troubles playing dvd+r even when booktyped to dvd-r or dvd-rom.

I’m sorry to ask a lame question but can I flash this firmware to a 3520A OEM version?

It says in the instructions:
This Update works only with NEC ND-3520A (retail & bulk) drives, not with OEM releases.

Thanks in advance

If your drive is a ND-3520A you should be able to flash with this firmware.
You may need to flash the drive using Binflash.

I have a 3520A oem drive and flashed the drive successfully no problem it is working beautifully and now reports itself as a 3520AW. You should have no trouble at all flashing it Good Luck

IMHO is this no step back.
1.02d was beta d and 1.02 final version.
You can see the same thing by comparing write strategies at


this can just be good :iagree:

Thanks Dee-27

Just tried to flash it and get error…I guess I need to flash my original 1.04 bin file first.
I am presently using the 1UC but will give this a try.
Thanks for responding.

Just not sure which would be better. The 1UC or the 3.04 :confused:

1.UC is based on 3.04 firmware :), it depends on which media you intend to burn.

Dee-27, thanks for responding…I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
If I were to tell you that I burn Ritek G05 media would there be a preference between the 2?

I respect your opinion so please feel free to comment :bow:

Many thanks in advance