New Stock NEC ND-3520A firmware 3.04 released today!

Was posted as part of another thread that regarding the Iodata non-official release.

Is the function to burn DvD-R9 DL the only difference with 1.04?
Too bad no Lightscribe, i would have liked to play with that.

I don’t think the 3520 has the hardware to do Lightscribe

Have to have special hardware to use LightScribe. Here’s my scan for 16x Verbatim.

The roadmap says ND-3xxxA drives will support lightscribe in the future.
I thought it was a very simple proces.

Yes, 3XXXA, could be a 3550A or 3560A. Dont look for it in the drives that are already out. Cant happen.

I understand your point , but why then do they explicitly state that lightscribe is not supported in the firmware ?

It should be partly in the firmware. I have an HP LightScribe (made by Benq) and there will be a firmware upgrade to increase the LightScribe writing speed from 1x to 2x.
Alot have tried to flash the 1620 with the firmware from a 1625 and although the drive will read and write DVD’s and CD’s, the LightScribe function is not there. The firmware and software look for the LightScribe feature.

Somebody post media list supported with fw 3.04 ?

This firmware is best than 1.UC ?

Not to sound dumb but is that scan good or bad?

the read me says this

Nice! Not bad for an 18p disc (Datawrite Orange)

Does running a DQT on a disc make it unusable for a burn later?

yes it is only fit for the bin afterwards

Hehe… actually you can only make a Disc Quality Test (PIE/PIF) after you’ve burned something on a disc. Checking the disc for PI/PIF errors is the same as reading from a disc… so if there is no data on the disc you also can’t read anything from the disc. BenQ burners can also check the quality of a disc before something burning on the disc without destroying it… this type of quality testing is called TE/FE (tracking and focus error)… and it’s not as accurate as a PIE/PIF test but it can give you a picture how good the disc is.

I need a bit of help. I downloaded the new NEC firmware (1892…) and loaded it into NecDump because I want to make sure my preferred media (MXL RG03) still burn at the 16x it currently does (I get decent verify, find the Maxell 8x media reasonably priced on sale, and have 100’s stocked up). NecDump shows 2x for the media with the new firmware. The last mod firmware I saw showed something similar, which is why I didn’t upgrade to it. Am I seeing a reporting discrepancy, or am I really going to be stuck at slow burning speeds if I upgrade? I specifically want PI/PE scanning. I’m willing to live with the RipLock and RPC2 of factory firmware.

I just checked my factory firmware and the 1.04 from December, and both report 2x in NecDump. However, DVDInfoPro clearly shows I can burn it at 16x, and that’s exactly what Nero burns it at when I burn. The issue with NecDump v1.2.2 is a minor one if it is just somehow reporting wrong, but mostly I just want to make sure I can still burn “MXL RG03” at 16x with the new 3.04 ND-3520a firmware.


hehe… there are actually 2 MXL RG03 entries in the firmware =) one is 2x the other is 16x. Check with NecDump again :wink:

That table lists max write speed of 8x for DVD+RW with the new firmware! But I can only get max 4x with Ricoh DVD+RW.

Well… for Ricoh I don’t know… NecDump only reports what it sees in the firmware.

I mean in the readme table listed above. It shows only RICOH under the 8x speed for +RW.