NEW Starforce NEW problems

got a game Blazing Angels - Squadron of WWII

the game with 1.0 version runs ok from an image with no problems and SFN

but when i patched it to 1.1 it now has starforce

that’s when the problems starts

i know that the image is good 1.0 version was ok to start with SFN

i turned off my physical CD drives
tried to run it with SFN disable node

tried sfcure

tried starfucker revolution

both image and mini image

every other method

seems Houston we have a problem with the newest starforce:((((

anybody had lick with that???

Does your original cd/dvd run ok after the update?

yup everything ok from the CD

just tried to run from an image
and nothing works when updated to 1.1

simple curiousity - maybe starforce made smth in new version
to blacklist DT4

and also - no wish to put the CD everytime to run a game :))

Almost certainly the virtual drive blacklistings have been updated.

And you think unplugging your physical optical drives every time you want to play are more convient than popping in the disc? lol

Anyway, if you got the original CD, you should be able to make a working copy which prevent the original from scratch, good luck

no useful info…too bad…:frowning:

could you send me your image file that works for 1.0
I can’t even get that version to work…

i can send you the topology not the image its 4 gigs

Hold still and wait for new DT. SF found new way to intercept data to bypass emulators and use it in version.

i have the same problem with version 1.1 :a

Same is used for Prince of Persia Two Thrones.

It’s more than just blacklisting - it uses advanced methods for directly accessing a device, bypassing windows device - something about installing a driver that hooks directly to the device - so disabling your device or using tools to HIDE your drives is pointless. The ONLY way for you is to shut your system down and manually unplug ALL optical drive POWER cables AND IDE cables. There might be other methods like using only a DVD-ROM to avoid ATIP checks or external opticals, etc… But since you are a legal owner of the said game and have the original, that shouldn’t be a problem :smiley:

Have you considered Game Jackal ? I’ve heard that it allows you to play from images/backups - You WILL need your original the first time so it can authenticate that you are a legal user, it then creates a profile - and that will work on your computer only. I don’t know if Game Jackal is compatible with SF type protections.

As far as I am aware GameJackal dosn’t support SF yet.