New STAPLES printable coupon

15% off purchase - in store only - good till 1/30/10 - LINK

Thanks Dave.:smiley:

LINK 15% off in-store only printable coupon good till 3/23/10
not valid on Bose,Apple,or computers


Thank you dave.evill

Sony dvd+rs 22.98 goes to 19.53, Hmm…
IMO not worth getting the 50 pack @ 15% off…

I just with I could use a $20 credit coupon but no other coupons can be used. :frowning:
I hear mixed reviews about sony anyway.

Newegg’s Verbie +Rs $19.99 & F/S…

new 15% off printable coupon good till 4/06/10 LINK

[QUOTE=dave.evill;2504486]new 15% off printable coupon good till 4/06/10 LINK[/QUOTE]

:o coupon starts 3/28/10
stolen from FatWallet


Thanks for the link. Those 15% coupons do add up–I saved over $23.00 on the last one at Staples.


new coupon $10 off $50 valid 4/11/10-4/17/10 LINK

[QUOTE=dave.evill;2509104]new coupon $10 off $50 valid 4/11/10-4/17/10 LINK[/QUOTE]
Thanks Mr. Evill

15% OFF
your in-store purchase, excluding all computers.*
good till 6/19/2010

Staples has those commercials yelliing about “THAT’S A LOW PRICE!”… and I just don’t see it… 15% off, coupons or not…

Maybe on RARE occasions you can get paper or other other office supplies for real cheap jumping through this or that hoop-- but overall you can get equal or better deals elsewhere. You wouldn’t belivee the nonsense they put me through just to order something using up a gift card and using a second form of payment (of the balance) for an online order.

$5 off $30 good 7/11/10-7/17/10 LINK
coupon is in next weeks ad ,click to print

p.s. there is a O.D. $10 off $25 floating around this week

coupons are good 7/21/10-7/24/10 instore only
15% off LINK
$5 off $25 LINK
$10 off $50 LINK
$50 off $200 LINK
the 15% is not good on computers,but the other 3 are

p.s. I stole this from slick dls:rolleyes:

good 7/28/10-7/31/10 in store only,not good on computers
20% off 1 item:LINK
15% off order: LINK

$75 off any laptop: LINK

I stole this again from slick dls:cool:

15% off 1 item good 11/19-11/21 LINKstole this off slick D’s