New Sound Card


I am thinking about getting a new sound card!! how much better is the SB Audigy 2 zs Gamer than my current sound card? would I notice the difference? I have an Hercules Fortissmi III

you’d probably notice the difference, i just had a quick look at your card on google, looks quite good. Supports DTS, 7.1 etc, the only small difference i can think of is that when enabling EAX you will get more FPS in games, so less slow down with the SB as it has EAX 4.0 and its a better card.

It’s usually a few fps, nothing much.

yeah, i was going to put a couple of fps, but then i thought somebody would correct me and say no its lots.

go with the SB its better

depends whats importand for you
if you’re into gaming SB card is prolly the better choise with hardware DSP and EAX HD support.
but if gaming isnt that importand any Envy24HT based soundcard will beat the Audigy 2 ZS big time when it comes to music/movie playback and sound quality. and perosnally i dont like the huge and buggy creative drivers

i have a SMP system so i cant use a creative card (creative cards are like a virus for SMP systems). now using M-Audio Revolution 7.1 and the system runs rocksolid.
must say that i dont really hear much difference while gaming between an Audigy 2 or M-Audio both do theire job just fine.

he won’t notice ANY diff whatsoever upgrading from the Hercules (which is a good card already) to a SB Audigy Gamer edition. save your money and put it into a vid card, HD, new mouse or something.

Maelstrom said it best for useage based on personal needs, for gaming SB tweaks its cards for optimal performance, but if you just listen to music, mpe’s, cd’s, and even minor music editing, SB is unecessary.

If you’re looking at SB Live! I’d highly suggest you to take a look at the kX Project which offers free alternative drivers that are by far superior to Creative Labs drivers.

the last time i checked those drivers (while ago) they didnt support EAX 3.0 the reason why you even want to try a SB card is for the EAX 3.0 support. without the EAX support you only have the cons of a SB card without any pro’s

ASIO compatible (low latency), support for large soundfonts, DSP (which even hi-end cards may lack) for instance so yeah, it really sucks…

I got the Audigy 2zs! Is it better? YES! was it worth the $89? YES! My games sound better music better. It also might be the Logitech Z5300e I have with them. but now my PC is a game and music machine. My neighbors are a little pissed! Wounder how pissed they will be this summer when the windows come open?