New Sony terms of service: customers cannot engage in class-action lawsuits

New Sony terms of service: customers cannot engage in class-action lawsuits.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony doesn't like being sued - especially by a group of folks acting in concert. So it's done what any giant, multinational company would do to sidestep future class-action litigation: tell customers they just can't do it. Starting today, those who plan to continue using the PlayStation Network and other online services must agree to a new Terms of Service and User Agreement which denies them the right to engage in class-action proceedings against the company.

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Wow. Really ? They can get away with this legally ? I hope it’s challenged because it’s blatantly wrong and a slap in the face to 20+ million users whose accounts were hacked thanks to Sony’s utter incompetence.

What a bunch of low-life scum bags.

T.o.S can have any old restrictive crap in them but the courts will probably just discard them.

Yeah, I’m sure that bull$hit works in sony’s theoretical universe, but the thing is, that eula contract is not legally binding, and clauses can be invalidated accordingly to common consensus of juries sense of “fair”.

Common laws exist because they are the common consensus of “fair”, to protect everyone in a fair and equal fashion.

At best, these clauses could get you kicked off the psn … But then if you’re so pissed at sony that you’re suing them, you probably don’t want anything to do with sony anyway.

[QUOTE=ivid;2604082]Wow. Really ? They can get away with this legally ?[/QUOTE] No license agreement and/or deal with any company, person or product can ever strip you from your basic rights and all applicable local, county, country and/or international law ever.

This is why these STUPID IDIOT EULAS are always ending with “unless prohibited by law”.

Most EULAS are like this:

  • We pwn you
  • You cannot pwn us
  • Unless the law says otherwise, then you can try and pwn us