New Sony protections and player freezing

OK, I broke down and bought AnyDVD in order to be able to back up the new Sony discs. I have both Capote and The Squid and the Whale. Both these movies produce the same trouble.

I rip using the AnyDVD “rip to HD”. Even with AnyDVD running, Decryptor and Shrink will not touch these discs. Once ripped, I use Shrink to re-author, saving only the main movie, and burn using Nero.

With both these movies, regardless of media used or anything else, my JVC player will freeze right after loading the disc. It gets to about 7 seconds and freezes. I can hit the chapter skip and it will advance, but if I use the chapter back to the beginning, the player completely locks up and must be unplugged. The only way to play these ripped movies is to skip chapter, then reverse play back to the 1st part of the film, without going all the way back to the bad spot. :frowning:

It seems that the copy protection is not quite being removed, either bad sectors or bad navigation.

On the PC, all drives will play the discs fine using PowerDVD.

Does AnyDVD need an update to deal with this?

i have no experience with the squid and the whale, but my backup of capote works fine on my cheap-o toshiba standalone. (anydvd and clonedvd

do the originals also exhibit this problem when played in your standalone?

I guess you’ve used the latest version and for media i know that you’re using very good media since i’ve saw your comments in the blank media forum. :wink: A time ago i’ve read somewhere here with playback problems on jvc players. How about using clonedvd for output if it would make some sense. But it could also be a newer protection.

Have you tryied to use dvd decrypter with the plugin to rip the disc?

This method use also fixvts to remove all crap cells introduced by arccos, so maybe this can solve your problem

do the originals also exhibit this problem when played in your standalone?


How about using clonedvd for output if it would make some sense. But it could also be a newer protection.

When I use CloneDVD to re-author, it does play OK. :confused:

Have you tryied to use dvd decrypter with the plugin to rip the disc?

I am far too lazy to go throught all those steps just to rip a movie. :o

Email the IFO files to Slysoft for analysis, I have seen others having problems with these titles, maybe there is a new variant of copy protection on these releases. :iagree:

Would the IFO from the re-authored movie-only be adequate, or would they want the IFOs from the full rip?

Latest version of plugin is completely automatized. You need only to press the “next” button. Anyway I think that if vob files contain some crap causing skipping during playback, fixvts should be able to remove it. You can use fixvts also without the plugin. Give it a try

Possible but this is the only player I have ever owned and never had problems. I’m big on JVC products. Of course the player maybe older than mine too.

They will need the IFOs from the original DVD [I][B]without[/B][/I] AnyDVD running.

They’d want all the IFOs from the original…copied to your hard drive with AnyDVD turned OFF. Zip them up, ship em off to support(at) (replacing (at) with @, obviously) with the title name and region in the subject, and they’ll take a look at it and determine if a new version of AnyDVD is required to fix it. Good luck!

It’s a JVC XV-N412. Not “old”, but not brand new. It has always played everything I throw at it.

Here’s what happens: disc loads and starts to play. The counter advances erratically to about 6-7 sec then it freezes.

Also have a Panasonic ES-10 recorder. This also has trouble starting playback, the counter advances erratically to 6-7 sec, then it re-reads several times with the counter bouncing back and forth, 6-7-6-7-6-7, then it finally plays from there.

It sounds like the protection isn’t being fully dealt with. The structural errors these morons introduce with the protection has been known to cause those kinds of issues. Personally I’d use CloneDVD to back it up instead of DVD Shrink or Nero Recode, but, in any case it sounds like the AnyDVD Rip To Hard Drive feature didn’t completely work for you. I’d definitely send the IFOs to support and reference this thread in your email to them.

If copy protection introduced some mess in vob files, I suggest you to use fixvts to remove it.

You can find it also in the plugin package, but it can be used also alone stright on vob files.

I know you guys love CloneDVD, but I do not. Seems to me that AnyDVD is not handling the protection as well as it should. Shrink is the quality king here, as I frequently compress to 70% and Clone just doesn’t cut it at those levels of compression.

I agree, I never noticed until I watched some of my movies on a bigger TV.

Just an FYI, navigation issues such as inability to play the first 3-4 minutes of the bkup, are being seen with fab’s decryption process as well, on recent sony releases. Some users are reporting issues, some report no problems…go figure… :confused:
Thankfully, Capote bkup’d just fine for me in express mode with very little compression. I don’t own Squid.

Tried that, no help.

Being a noob to AnyDVD, maybe someone can answer a question. Shouldn’t AnyDVD allow me to open the DVD in Shrink or Decryptor anyway? It does not, with the new Sony discs, only the rip function seems to work with these discs.

Normally, shouldn’t I be able to open a DVD in any program I like? I can copy the files off the Sony discs to HD, seems to work fine. Using the rip feature works fine, but Shrink will not touch it. Decryptor will open it, but stops immediately when starting the rip.

In any case, seems like AnyDVD has some catch-up to do. I also think there should be a real manual provided for $40 software.

@ rdgrimes - Try enabling AnyDVD, drap n’ drop the video ts folder onto your HDD, then fire up shrink, process as usual, burn, see what happens.

Maybe we will hear from Slysoft on this matter soon. :iagree: