New Sony Protection on "CLOSER" UK Version?

Don’t know if anyone’s noticed yet, but im sure sony have tried another version of their Arrcos protection on the UK version of “CLOSER”.

CloneDVD2 lets you chop and change what you want to copy as usual, then when you get to the audio scanning, it locks up at 35%, and dvd rom drive powers down. I’ve come across this before, so ive posted the IFO’s off to Slysoft.

just to let anyone interested know… :wink:

slysoft know this

read this topic please :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :bow: :cool: :cop: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :wink: :eek: :iagree: :bigsmile: :frowning:

AnyDVD (beta) :slight_smile:
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Nope- i spoke too soon… it’s still playing up… version
doesnt decrypt this arccos version…oh dear…help? :rolleyes:

wait until the next release
slysoft said 2 or 3 weeks

2 to 3 weeks? hope not! the guys had it sorted within hours last time bless them! i would imagine, however it is a pain in the backside having to keep patching and updating AnyDVD mainly due to the Sony Arccos protection, as they seem to vary which region they change

they need the whole dvd
it come out on monday

the Sony Arccos protection is not a hard protection, it’s easy to bypass that

After I sent the IFO files to Slysoft they had the update out in a couple of hours - from what they have said to me, they now need to get there hands on a copy of this disc or one protected the same way. What James from Slysoft said was that he wouldn’t get a copy of Closer for the next 2 to 3 weeks. At the end of the day not that many movies use this protection - and all it means is I have to wait a couple of weeks to make a back up of my original…

Still - I have never seen a company respond so quickly - and on a Saturday afternoon too!!

thast’s correct abrown15
excellent support

im sure it wont take 2-3 weeks, they were on the case when i had trouble with the last sony arccos disc i came across, and they’d released an update hours later… i cant fault the guys and the hard work they put in -
AnyDVD was worth every penny, and has never let me down,
especially the support :bow:

James what do you say?

you are right deadlydave
the best support i habe ver seen
for example dvd region free + css will never so quick updated than anydvd

I was waiting on this version of AnyDVD so i could back up my copy of Closer (uk version) and even with the claims made of the updated support the new version only removes 2 of the 3 ARccOS protections on the disc

I found another freware program which i use (only when i couldnt be bothered waiting on another update)

Its the same idea as anydvd but seams to handle the ARccOS protection that bit better.

(Dont run ANYDVD and DVD43 at the same time as this only causes alot of error. Simply close one anydvd and copy whatever sections of the DVD were causeing the errors)

hmm… I downloaded it, and tried it, and it didnt work. :frowning:
it was worth a go…

Just been pm’d and told to try DVD Region+CSS Free.

Ive just switched off AnyDVD, installed DVD Region+CSS Free, and loaded up
CloneDVD2. It seems to have worked so far…its backing up…will keep you posted if it works in a few minutes… :cool:

SUCCESS! DVD Region+CSS Free removed the sony nasties and let me back my film up! :bow:

Get It here:

if you didnt already know… :slight_smile:

Just sent some info to elby et al. The disc is exactly the same as the italian version for the uk. The disc contains 4 versions of the film on it encoded 4 times. In english German italian spanish?. As the film relies on the internet in parts its shows the net in the respective langauges.

Vob 13 crashes any player soon as you try to play it manually and has physical errors on it. Each section of the film vobs 1 to 4 has errors on them in the first sectors of each vob stopping you ripping those parts. If you use dvd decrypter on the disc its totally ignores vob 13 as its unrefrenced but contains loads of errors?

So do we just use the psl’s listed for the Region 2 Italian version with DVDD