New Sony or stay with Lite-On?

At the moment I have a LiteOn 40125S and have been giving the change to get a Sony CRX220 52x24x52 writer. I’m wondering whicbh would be the better one to keep? Going from what is on the CloneCD web page the Sony is a 2 sheep burner and can do RAW-DAO+96. Would this drive still be able to back up SD2 and Securom. I use blindwrite, cloneCD and Nero.

Sony CRX220E1 = Lite-ON LTR-52246S


So for AU$90 I would be getting a bargain along with a decent upgrade to go along with it. Next qusetion is will is show up as a Sony? And is it also possable to get it to show up as a LiteOn

Yes it has custom Sony firmware with Sony features, and yes you can flash it with Lite-ON Firmware.