New Sony netbook packs Blu-Ray



Tthe top of the line model is $4,499.99 with Blu-ray and 256GB SSD.


I just posted the article New Sony netbook packs Blu-Ray.

The new Sony VAIO TT notebooks offer high performance in a thin chassis. At only 11.1” and weighing 1.3kg the TT aims at mobile users. Under the hood it features a powerful Centrino processor…

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lol… 4500 dollars for a netbook?


Wow!! $ 4500!.. I can buy a small NEW car for that price!!! and have enough money left to buy a 500GB Ext HDD & a Blu-Ray player!


How is this news? This thing was announced back in September '08.


yeap, hurry up and get the rewriters and media down in price and we’re in business!


Looks like only the update is new!

Still, I read the whole article, including the link to Sony - Didn’t you do this as well Im a PC?

So I guess it was still news to us…