New Sony key2audioXS

Hi to all,
Just bought an audio cd from Sony.
I wanted to make a backup of this cd.

Soon I figured out that my cd has the latest sony protection called key2audioXS.

I have searched many forums how to make a copy of this cd. I didn`t find an answer yet.

So I hope some of you guys can help.
Looking forward to all answers. THX

hmmm… have you tried using anydvd to remove the protection, then use any ripper to make the tracks mp3, then burn back to cd?

It uses both Hardware & Software protection much like CDS-300 V7.

  1. HOLD DOWN the Shift key - do not install, if you did…too late.

  2. Use Alcohol 120, read session 1 only - cloneCD may work too but our tests were with Alcohol.

  3. That’s it. We have a post on it here: