New Sony DWD22A drive?


I’m currently looking to buy a new DVD-RW dual-layer drive, to replace my broken NEC ND-1300A. I’ve heard the NEC ND-3500A is good but I’m reluctant to buy another NEC with all the problems I have had with the previous drive.

Looking on ebuyer I’ve found a new Sony drive called the “DWD22A 16x Dual Layer DVD R/RW OEM” which is selling for slightly more than the ND-3500A.
Spec below…

“Sony’s amazing new DWD22A is the next generation Dual Layer DVD recorder for your PC that brings together all the popular formats in a single drive: DVD+R and DVD+RW, as well as CD-R and CD-RW.
Buffer Underrun Protection Technology
High performance 8X max DVD Burning
All popular DVD formats are supported-eliminate the worry in choosing a DVD recordable drive
Maximum compatibility with playback hardwares
High performance CD-R/RW burning
170mm Short depth mechanism
Dust proof structure
Fragments proof structure

Product Specification:
Model No. DWD22A
DVD-R 8x
DVD+R 16x
CD-ROM 48x
CD-R 48x
CD-RW 24x
Buffer Size 2MB
Interface ATAPI/E-IDE
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer”

All looks good, but the problem is that when searching on google, this forum and Sony’s website nothing can be found about it (no information, reviews, firmware updates). Do you think it’s so new the manufactures have still not put it on the website?

Has anyone heard anything about the drive and would you recommend it?

Thanks to anyone who replies.

It’s not one of Sony’s retail products, it is OEM only. It is the bulk version of the DRU-710A which is a Liteon SOHW-1633S. The DW-D22A should be easily convertable to the DRU-710A because Sony probably won’t release many firmware updates for this drive.

I’d be skeptical of a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty…

Your better off with the Pioneer DVR - 108 which has much better specs including 4x DL writting which none of the others have.

Look in the Pioneer forum and then do a google on the drive there are a few reviews out there.

Thanks for the replys. I’ve already just ordered one, so i will let you know how i get on with it.

dhc014, what to do mean by “bulk” version of DRU-710A? Does this mean i should be able to flash it with the same firmware as the 710A and will windows recognise it as a 710A?

Thanks again

That depends on whether or not your drive is belt driven or gear driven. Talk to me when the drive arrives and send me a firmware backup please.

Ok dhc014,
Got the today drive and installed it. Seems a lot better than my old drive, just burnt a few CD-R’s @ 40X with no problems, just about to try DVD’s with DVDShrink. Using Nero Infotool it says firmware version is “BYS1”. I still have not found anything about this drive on the sony websites! What do you mean by “send me a firmware backup please”? Will do if you tell us how.

Thanks for help so far!

Use this program for to make the backup:

Hi si_harp,

I’ve just ordered myself a new computer that should be with me by the beginning of next month. It comes with a 52x CDRW/DVD combo drive, and the Sony DW-D22A that you’ve just received for yourself. I’d therefore be very interested to know how you get on with this new drive of yours.

Seems a good drive. Managed to burn audio and data CD-R’s, and backup DVD’s using DVDShrink3.2. All with no problems. Recognises all media i’ve put in (Sony, TDk, Verbatim, Phillips, Datawrite.) As i’ve said before, no information can be found out about this drive on sony’s websites. I’ve just contacted Sony support to see why and if there will be any firmware updates. Let you know if i get reply.

You should hopefully be fine with your new computer.

OK dhc014,
Just been looking on your website and i’m guessing you want me to use one of the following applications, so that i can backup and send you a copy of the firmware.

MTK WinFlash

Question is, what one should i use and is there any chance that doing this could ruin my drive? Should i use LtnFW, but it says use only on LiteOns?
I would prefer to use a Windows based utility but, could you tell me step by step how.


Use LtnFW because your drive is made by Liteon for Sony. MTK WinFlash cannot backup the firmware from any drive and mtkflash is not as easy to use because it requires DOS.

I know the issue of no information. I just bought a new Sony Dual DW-D18A and I can’t get it to work? I contacted Sony and they Politely informed me that the Sony DW-D18A was an OEM and they don’t support OEM Drives. So I suggest if you want a Sony, Ensure it is not an OEM and also suggest Retail Box having drivers, burn software etc.

If your running XP, I would also suggest checking out their list of acceptable hardware. Saves a lot of headaches :slight_smile:

Later Learner101

There should be no problem with the DW-D18A and Windows XP.

Just managed to find a PDF manual for this drive, here’s the link…

Hope someone finds it usefull.

I have just got this drive from ebuyer and it does not come with any drivers or software, any idea where i can get windows 98se drivers for this Sony DWD22A drive and what would be the best software to use for burning dvds

You don’t need drivers. Use Nero or Easy CD Creator to create data discs or burn images with the drive.

Thanks, I have installed the drive and works without having to install any new drivers.

Hey guys

I’ve got the exact same problem, I have just purchased a Sony DVD RW DW-D22A

Windows XP Pro SP2 detects the drive and I can copy files but Nero 5.5 dosn’t like it.

Did anyone find a suitable firmware, what about the LiteOn-SOHW 16335 ?

Please please help me!

I think you had better upgrade your Nero to a newer version which is 6.something.

@ flea bateman …welcome :slight_smile: … you should upgrade your nero to the latest version. You can find the latest 1633/1653 firmware to use with OmniPatcher from here . Please read all instructions included with OP. Also, give a look at Please read: Posting guidelines for this forum , linked from the top of the liteon forum homepage.