New Sony DRX-820u firmware Q?

Hi! this is my first post here. Been watching for a while and could not find my answers relating to firmware for a newly purchased drive. I just purchased a SONY DRX-820u (External) showing a revision of 2.0. I dont know if this is firmware or build rev. so I’m asking; what is the “2.0” and is the SONY DRX-820a (internal) firmware compatible. I am very afraid of flashing it and killing this thing as my luck ran out on an older Pioneer. Are there any advantages to crossflashing this drive? if so, what? and can I recover the original firmware by either backing it up or… reflashing?

Newbie here and lost when it comes to dvd-multi drives.
PS. i read somewhere here that they would like to see a single place for firmware uploads or D/L… I may be able to host. (moderators… if interested?)

Thanks in advance…

Sorry, I made a mistake. is the DRU-820a(internal) firmware compatible with the DRX-820u (external). <<< I have the 820u.


Seems to be a BENQ OEM drive…

the firmware you pointed me to is for the DRU-820a… is it compatible with the DRX-820u? that was my question initially and is there any advantages to this firmware?

Good question, I sadly don’t know the answer yet.