New Sony DRU-700A firmware: VY06E

Big thanks to Acer2 for the heads up on this one.

Download (official):
Download (OP friendly version):

This firmware is dated 26 August and has 214 media codes. This is one more than VS0A and VS0B. I haven’t had time to compare the Liteon and Sony firmware, so I don’t know how many other differences there are yet.

Liteon 812S and 832S users can uses this firmware, by using the OP friendly version (812S users need to enable cross flashing with OP). One thing to remember is that you will only have a green LED, which is the Sony standard (unfortunately).

Look forward to seeing your results. :slight_smile:

Code, should I try this? I am using the VSC4 that you modified for us and it works fine with my ritek g04 disks, but I always willing to try something new.

Worth a go. Sony firmware has typically, in the past, been good with DVD-R. VSC4 is probably not doing anything for your G04 anyway, as it only affects +R 6x and 8x burns. :wink:

Yeah you are right, let me run it through OP and do some test with some of my ritek G04 media, I have pleny left (about 94 disks) and will post the results.


Well Mr.King, this is an excellent firmware… If I only wanted to burn 4 gig DVD’s… :slight_smile:

Pic is altered to remove those horrendous mountain at the end to show the rest of the scan. I never got those with the liteon ones (any of them) but generally the liteon’s burns are worse all over but they do burn the entire disk like that pretty much and get a rounded top at the center and it dont drop off near the end so much and then over compensate for it.

Its a 4X burn so dont know what its problem is. That single spike at the 1 gig mark was when it got a buffer under run because a window opened up that started creating thumbnails for a minute.

+RW looks normal for Sony/Liteon. Better than NEC 3500A. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad firmware at all. This burn even beats my Pioneer DVR 108 burn!! Both were burned at 4x. The first scan is of the disc burned in the pioneer, the second of the one burned with the new sony firmware. TYG01 Strat used. :iagree:

Well code my first attempt on ritek G04 was a coaster on my 812s with this fiirmware and the latest version of Nero Ultra.

Sorry to hear that. I’ll try a G04 soon and see what results I get.

well I have to say that this sony 700a fw seems to really help with my hill problem at the, right side.

Speed3 make test disk

media is fujifilm DVD+R 8x
MID= Ricoh-R02

Well, code I double checked the settings I selected in OP and all I selected was to fix the flashing orange led and I reflashed the drive and then I tried another G04 disk same thing, then I tried a princo just for fun and I now made 3 coasters. I flashed the drive back to VSC4 and the drive is working fine again. The funny thing is with VY06E the led on the 812s and my HD light would flash sat the same time then I get a failed write error and it also said it was illegal media on both princo or ritek G04 disks, but as we speak I am recording a princo disk with no problem using VSC4. I think my 812s drive just does not like this firmware for some reason, just one of those problems we will all run into at some time when playing with moded firmware. LOL!!

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Yeah, that’s pretty good for R02. :slight_smile: About time they did some work on this media.


I was using VS0B with everything but cross flash checked in omnipatcher and no speed changes or strategy changes, and even with that I was getting pretty good hill on right side. As you see on R02 there really is no hill on right. I also burned cheap optodisc0R8 although there is bit of hill its nothing like before. and this is with the stock fw VY06 I didnt ever omnipatch it.

And well for -R you guess hehe still not wonderful but actually not really horrible either.

RITEKG04 works alright for me. Not my best scan but still fine. These are the Liteon branded discs, which were pretty good quality.

Damm you did get a great burn for a G04 disk I must say Code, I just can’t figure out why my 812s will not work with this firmware at all. Even KenW is getting good results.

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Good results on good media, the cmc -R and that cheap crap optodisc +R was not so good. I want to do verbatim datalife plus 8x +R and see what I get, will post as soon as i have the scan.

I know KenW, but I want to make sure the drive works before I try using my good media, this is why I use princo and ritek to make sure the drive works after I flash it with new firmware, then I will use the good quality media. And with VY06E the HD light and DVD led flash at the same time and it fails to record on any disks I try, it won’t make it past the lead in phase of the burn process.

This is why I got my ND3500AG from NewEgg, if I need a good burn I will most likely use my ND3500A. It will give me excellent results on crappy old ritek G04’s. LOL!!!

Verbatim datalifeplus 8x at 8x
MID mcc003 made in taiwan, older center ring serial number not 12x rated.

Try not to run and hide now, it’s very scary.