NEW SONY CRX210E1 firmware released

Seems like Sony has released new firmware for the CRX210E1

Original version was :


now new release is


get it here

CRX210E1 Firmware 2YS2

Heh, I spose I should’ve posted this here. It has been on my site since December 5th :slight_smile:

and it has been on the Firmwage Page since the 7th.


Did You tested this one? What is the difference with 2ys1? Have You made some burns? Do You have some ScreenShots of CDSpeed? Is this better than LiteOn firmwares on You page?

is it a liteon firmare (just name changed to sony ?)

or sony has actually worked on it - and provided a new firmware ?

plz post results…

This is an official Sony firmware so it has all of the Sony features. If you would have clicked the link you would have noticed that it is on the SONY website.

why wont anyone test it ?

:bow: :bow: :bow:

I have it on my Memorex 2448AJ right now and it works fine. What do you want people to test? Why don’t you test it yourself?