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I s it possible to roll back the Nvidia driver to a different driver using the same 6800GT Video card.

You need the Nvidia VIDEO driver for the 6800GT.

What you don’t need is the NVidia IDE drivers (if you’re using NVidia base motherboard). Check the Device Manager/IDE ATA-ATAPI controllers/Primary or Secondary IDE Channel where your optical is/Driver, if the “Driver Provider” is -Nvidia- then you can uninstall that particular IDE channel and reboot, Windows will reinstall with MS IDE driver.

I appreciate all the feedback but perhaps I haven’t made myself clear. I don’t even play video games. I want the best hardware excluding optical drives ( because I have 4 already) for burning 16x media. I am talking about controllers and video cards because I want to run two monitors and I need a good processor because I do not want to have to shut down all my background programs when I burn a DVD. I want to be able to burn at 16x and multitask if this is possible. I have heard that Intel contrller and accelarators have to be uninstalled to upgrade firmware. So I would like to use something by Silicon graphics, the forums all rave about these. I just need a basic configuration to give the Dell sales or whatever sales company I talk to about my setup. I want it to optimize my burning.

any future arguments here about video card power ability will be deleted

I wont even bother reading the whole thing, stay on subject please and no more nonesense, its cluttering this thread and its not useful

If you have 4 optical drives, you can use the following as just 1 suggestion, regardless of what PC you buy

Get a PC that supports SATA, and use SATA HDD only, this will free up space on IDE for more opticals.
If you have 4 Opticals, 2 are easy cause all boards have 1 IDE controller, but since newer boards are sticking more to SATA, this is all.
You can circumvent this by buying USB2.0 to IDE controllers or enclosures.
Or you can get somewhat slightly older boards that have both SATA and two IDE and use up all 4 IDE’s on your opticals and stick to SATA for HDD’s.

The combinations are almost endless to mention.

What CPU power are you aiming to achieve, do you have preference of AMD or Intel P4?

Check my rig for my ASUS board, it has everyhting you need, but doesnt support the newest ntel LGA 775 CPU’s, but having a 423 is nto that bad and its still fast as heck.

the budget gaming machine detailed in my link above makes for an ideal burner…and has fairly decent headroom and longevity…skimp a little on the vid card, speakers, etc. to save more money and get a nice 21in LCD…

Thankyou all for your suggestion and feedback. I believe the mod is right here, I don’t know how my thread started an argument but everyone should have respect for others opinions. Again, I have learned alot from you (all of you) and I believe I found my answer in xtacydimas sig.

good luck with your new machine…let us know what you decide on :smiley:

drpino; I can’t count the times time you have helped me, I hope ,sometime in the future to become knowledgable enough to return the favor. Thankyou.

alan, don’t mention it…happy to help out when i can without expecting anything in return :bigsmile:

ahem The SATA controller you’re talking about is from Silicon IMAGE, not Silicon Graphics…

Both ATI and nVidia have multi-monitor support. However, the BEST multi-monitor support in the world is to be had from Matrox cards. They don’t do CRAP for you in games nowadays, but they RULE at image quality and multi-display.

As for processors… get something dual core, that’s the best advice I can give for multitasking. :slight_smile:

You are going to get tons of varying opinions. Do some searching at TOMSHARDWARE.COM. There are reviews and comparisons on graphics cards, processors, etc. The system you are looking at will do anything you could want it to do. Before you decide, read real comparisons and reviews at sites like tomshardware, pcworld, maximumpc, etc… They give you facts and figures. Search google and you can find information about how many frames per second, the human eyes and brain are capable of processing. Some experts say 60fps, and others claim as high as 100fps.
Remember, opinions are like asses. Everyone has one, and most of them stink!


Do some searching at TOMSHARDWARE.COM.

Or you could go somewhere that HASN’T been bought and paid for by nVidia and whoever else has deep enough pockets to line Tom’s purse.

That would be why I listed the other sites. When you get similar information from multiple sites, it is a little more trustworthy…

Unfortunatley I was not a member when this thread was discussed, but if I was I would have certainly completely shut down PHIL on 2 fronts.

  1. Spelling.
  2. Technical expertise.


I own a Sony RA840G and have performed some upgrades, 2 Gb RAM, RAID 5 Array… This machine is all one needs in order to do everything except play the highest end gamies! Yes I said Gamies…

Digital medial collection of 50,000 mp3’s, 100 DVDs, oodles of recorded TV, 12,000 photos, etc… easily streamed to 3 different televisions in seperate rooms of the house over a gigabit network topology. Not a damned glitch.

So your advice to Phil for newbies was right on!

I started this thread and never bought the Sony in question as you can see from my signature, all the forum members helped me build my own. By the way this thread was way back in Febuary. Alot has happened since then.