New Sony 18x DVD burner isn't reading any media! (see inside)

I just bought a Sony 18x AW-Q170A DVD burner and it isn’t reading any optical media! It opens and closes well, but it isn’t reading any media.

Is there any way to fix this or is my drive faulty?

Thanks in advance.

P.S: It is now working in UDMA4 mode.

Does nero cdspeed’s Disc Info tab see the disks ?

See this link sometimes XP SP 2 does not work.

Your drive may be faulty.

I’ve had the same problem with two Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7173A drives, and the 7173 is essentially the same hardware as your Sony AW-Q170. I RMA’d one of the drives for the 7173 I have now and I returned the other.

No, Nero’s CD DVD speed doesn’t recognize the disc, but it recognizes the drive.

Also, alan, I’m gonna check the message.