New solid state technology could make CDs obsolete in 5 years

I just posted the article New solid state technology could make CDs obsolete in 5 years.

Scientists have developed a new solid state memory storage technology that could make optical discs obsolete in five years. This memory storage uses organic and inorganic materials…

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Replace CDs? Yeah right. when they commercialise it and it has a pricetag attached, then talk to me. I am tired of hearing about ‘lab’ technologies that may or may not be commercialised and are basically using the media as PR to attract new investors. 1GB and non-rewritable? Feh. Not in this lifetime kiddo.

Copy protections on media like this would likely be harder to beat, so I’m already not liking it, although there are many advantages to solid state. How about they replace my hard drives with RAMdrives first, then see if replacing CDs is feasible. It’s much harder, IMO, to replace a highly portable medium.

No, Thanks not for me. CD is a lot more compatible with cd player in my cars and home and my 3 dvd players. Also i dont like this stupid thing. DVD holds more data than 1GB. Thats what i have to say. Don’t use it.

They say that in 5 yrs CDs could be history, well I think not. Look, we still have cassette tapes, floppies, and yeah, 8track is out, but I think that this critter looking thing will cost too much. Anyways, some people are now just getting the hang of burning CDs and DVDs. You’d be surprised to how many people don’t know how to save, burn, etc. data to CDs and DVDs. And if we do go to these things are we going to change car, home, mobile, CD/DVD players to fit these things. Any way I’ll stick with the flying saucers.

You geeks are forgetting CD burning hasnt really been around that long and before people were able to burn shit they didnt really take it for granted and actually went out and bought there music etc. Its all about greed now and cheap arses that have unlimited money for PC hardware but cant afford a simple music or movie CD/DVD. You kiddys are gonna learn that the fun isnt going to last forever and eventually they will win. So enjoy it while it lasts, I know I will :slight_smile:

Oh I almost forgot wasnt CDs spose to go out like 10 years ago? go figure
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How many times have we heard this?? Holograph discs, Multilayer floursent discs etc…

Well, actually this is not another optical disc technology as this is suppose to be solid state like flash cards, i.e. no lasers, heads or other moving parts. Its main advantage is supposed to be size in order to produce small portable players without relying on users to transfer their audio to flash first. While I can see this technology taking off with the game console industry to bring back fast loading sturdy cartridges, I cannot see it replacing audio CDs that quickly if they hammer it DRM and other builtin copy restrictions.

The last thing I want is another technology I can’t re-write too. Boy isn’t this a nice little ploy to get you too buy it over, and over, and over again. Come back when I can rewrite to it a couple million times. I wanna buy a product, I don’t wanna be the person soley responsible for someones retirement fund. And Golga, let me know when the fun comes to an end, because they’ve been trying to stop piracy for about thirty years now, and in that time their most advanced technologies included protections that could be beat with felt tip pens and holding down shifts keys. So it will be really interesting to see whatever new technology they’ve cooked up.
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hmmm… i wonder if the quality of audio would be better than cd or dvd? if it’s even better than dvd, then who cares about DRM. i’m sure 5 years from now, someone will have a hack for that :B

If it’s low price and can be burned by users (I mean, home-made cubic datapads :)), then it’s ok. But, crap, man, if those gizmos would be available only in the form of “pre-written” stuff, then I won’t buy that sh!t. Most smart people won’t.