New SOHW-832S Problems with Media

Just got this drive a few days ago to replace my Pioneer 106.

Can anyone recommend some media for this drive ?

I was using Datasafe GO4 -R and Infiniti +RW with my pioneer with no problems.

The 832 wont work at all with the Infiniti +RW at 2.4x or 4x and after 5 coasters at 4x i can only write the Datasafes at 2x.

I have just ordered 5 Verbatim 4x+RW but i need some write once disks that wont cost me the earth.

After reading a review on Infiniti +R 4x disks from ebuyer i have ordered 25 of those but i have now heard that the DAXON AZ1 dye in them doesnt like Liteon drives, anyone know if this is true ?

I’ve just got one of those recently too, media i’ve tried is
cheap datawrive red v3 (dvd-r), works ok, ps2 doesn’t like them about half way thru disk, k-probe scans ok ish peak PI 200 right at start but lower than 100 otherwise 31 avg.
Datasafe 8x DVD+r, (Ritekr03) works good <25PI ave 6
TDK-r 1-4x, pretty good -rw good too
All work fine in stand alone player and comp drive, just the ps2 seems a bit picky… all written at their max rated speed, and give low po numbers, peak of 5 highest for cheap datawrite red’s so far…
U have updated to the latest firmware?
Was thinking of getting some ritek g04’s to try… hmmm

I’ve been using the Ritek G04’s with success. I’ve burned 10 with no problems. Keep in mind this is my first DVD burner but it’s been good so far.

555 - Yes i have updated to VS04 firmware - which may be the problem cos i read somewhere else that it has some writing bugs.

Slacker6 - which brand of Go4 are you using ? maybe its the datasafes

mine work at 2x but have too many errors and are unreadable at 4x, i wrote them at 4x on the pioneer with no problems.

I just wrote the GO4 Liteon branded disk that came with drive, it seems to be a good disk until youget near the end.