New SOHW-832S Firmware: VS03

I looked at the Liteon Webpage and there’s a new firmware to SOHW-832S . I do have SOHW-812S yet. Is it possible to upgrade to this new firmware?


Nice find! Dated 4/30/2004… a pretty old firmware, given that it’s already June. 812S users are probably still better off with the newer US0N firmware…

Not unless you have modified your eprom.

You should be able to simply flash a FlashFixed SOHW-832S firmware onto your SOHW-812S without any further modifications.



No, an EEPROM modification is not necessary (nor is it recommended or condoned)


FlashFixing the firmware is not possible (have you tried?). Also, loading the stock firmware will not work.


Crossflash procedures for VS03 are identical to those for VS01, and as usual, prepatched firmwares are available. However, I should add that VS03 is older than US0N, and in the absense of affordable DL media, most 812S users should probably stick with US0N.

He is talking about firmware straight from LiteOn’s site. Not firmware for which the EEPROM check has been modified. As you may have noticed I made no recomendations about EEPROM modifications, pros or cons. The firmware for the 832S from LiteOn’s site will not will not install on a 812S. The answer to his question is still no.

My apologies, I thought you were referring to the other method of crossflashing, since you were referring to the modification of the EEPROM and not of the firmware. But yes, you’re right, the official firmware from the website will not work as-is.

(and my response wasn’t entirely incorrect, either, as changing that particular part of your drive isn’t necessary, as there is another, much safer, way to crossflash… which was the point that I was trying to make)

@salatiel: You should report this in the news submit and get credit for this find. It will certainly be news for 832S owners. Also there will almost certainly be a version of this firmware you can use on an 812S in a day or so.

@code65536: Congratulations on becoming and being a Moderator, not an easy job. I meant to post on that thread sometime back, but seem to have lost it.

Will be there a “burn-adjust” vs03 patched fw?

That long? :wink: The following is from one of my earlier posts… same as before; the existing patcher works fine on it.

Yes. I’ve been kinda busy lately, and I’ve been putting most of my free time into [thread=97590]a thing that I’m writing[/thread]. A tool to do the burn-adjust should be available within a few days. Though with the limited availability of 832S drives (can’t find 'em in the US yet), my guess is that most (though not all) of you interested in this firmware actually have 812S drives. And also given the current limited availability of DL media, I will reiterate my recommendation to stick with US0N, since that is a newer firmware than VS03 and will likely do better than VS03 with SL media.

I have a 832 burner :smiley: so…


Well well nice news. ummmm code is it possible for you to make a burn adjusted firmware for future firmwre of the sony dru 700a firmware, cos the burn adjusted dru 700a firmware i downloaded 4m your site works better on my 812s@700a than liteons original 832s firmware or can you teach me how. Thx


Errrr. sorry didnt read codes post. ill just wait for the new proggie

Well I just flashed my 812 with the flasher from codeguy’s site (you guys really do rock!) and it appears to support newer media, ie. FUJIFULM03, so I’ll stick with it for a while and see how I get on. Unfortunately I can’t do much testing as I’m low on disks (again :p)

unfortunately it seems that eeprom check remover from codeguys site, doesn’t work with VS03 firmware downloadable from litey site :confused: (invalid file size - this error message do i get)

Oops, I forgot to mention that none of the patching tools work on any of the official LiteOn Windows flashers any more. To use the patcher, you should use it on a .BIN firmware (use the newer XFlash-X to get a .BIN).

tnx for update, code64K


I have a SOHW-851S

is it possible yet for duel layer firmware, or a hacked firmware from a 832?

I wasn’t sure if the 851S is able to do duel layer burning or not. thanks fnice

Actually you have a LDW-851S :iagree: