New SOHW-812S Firmware: US0G

Along with the new LDW-851S firmware, I have also posted a new SOHW-812S firmware, US0G.

You can download a binary or windows flasher from here:

This version should support bitsetting using Liteon’s BookType Utility, but I can’t check that myself. Post your results if you try this!

New media codes, US0F -> US0G
4M SYS 202C1 (4x -R)
TDK601saku (4x -RW)

So not much happenin’ in terms of “Match more media”

Go to this thread , I did 2 burns @ 4x using CloneDVD2 and DVDShrink (Nero and 2 totally different results… I did them using US0F firmware but Ill try some burns w/ book-type setting with the new US0G firmware when I get a chance…

didnt work for me, nero and dvdinfo both said no, its still a +r, tried both versions of the utility also 1.0.0 and 1.0.4

Damn…Oh well, at least the 851s firmware works with book-type setting. /burning