New SOHW-1633S firmware BS0H

Version BS0H supposedly fixes problems burning Ritek DL discs, and improves playback of these discs according to this article on

I’ve posted a binary version as well as an unscrambled exe on my page:

Thanks for the update news and binary dch014 dude,
Strange i never encountered these problems with my TRAXDATA D/L although i did have major problems with any other RITEK D01-01 i tried ( i have tried all 3 mentioned in the review link you posted ). Maybe a question of grading here? Anyway, BS0G screenshot attatched of TRAX burn. Im off to give BS0H a try - see if anythings improved my end:

Thanks Dave! :slight_smile:

Does BS0H effect any changes on single-layer discs?

Hehe, yes, it burns them. :iagree:

But seriously folk, there are no new media codes, and speeds for the +R codes are the same. Whether burn quality has improved remains to be seen.

Verbatim Kindly sent me 5 pieces of MCC 004

1633S@16x@BS0H: all seems fine until the end
For reference I am posting the NEC screenshot in the 2.77 thread in NEC forum also.

liteon have had this mountain affect on media on number of drives, my 832 on 8x media was noted for it. Its very sad liteon cant seem to fix it, I’m sure its not just the drive but also media in some cases, btw the mmc004 tests I seen on pioneer a08xl and nec 3500 dont seem to have this mountain so maybe in this case its liteons fault 100%

Thought this deserved to be bumped. Finally have some time to try it myself.

I’d be interested to see the scan of a second burn of the MCC004 in the 1633S. It’s not uncommon for some media to have an error mountain on the first burn. The media calibration value will kick in on the second burn of the same media.

Thanks for the info guys
Test 2 verb 16x 1633@BS0H: Same problems still exist mainly around the 4gb recalibration area :frowning:
ANY ideas? Anyone reproduce this?

Agreed, my tests have the same conclusion …scans of media recorded at 8x are not reliable on liteon 1633 i have.

rescanned it with KProbe just to check it wasnt a cdspeed issue:

Seem to show same as CDSpeed scan

ampikle mentioned this before and stated it was an issue in the eeprom. he stated that he was able to do away with the mountain making some changes in the eeprom. however he was reffering to an 832 drive, not sure if it would be the same case here with the 1633.

Would be interesting to see if it is possible to adapt the eeprom tfor this too
Thanks for the info unknown1234

How does this firmware compare to Sonys BYO1? It has more media codes (216 vs 230) if I remember right. Would this later version of LiteOn firmware be better than the Sony Firmware? I haven’t seen any Updates from Sony yet. BY01 has a date of August 6.

as most people say liteon firmwares are always the better choice over the sony ones.
BS0H is newer than BY01. give it a try, just to see if you get better burns as they vary from one drive to another.

not sure wich firmware it was but last I heard was that the memorex firmware was doing realy well with 1633.

It is availaible from the codeguys site

Yah, I’ve been getting the same mountain effect when doing 16x burns with BS01, BS0G, and BWSE. On the other hand, I don’t have any MCC media, so I’ve been using T02 media oversped to 16x using the stock strat, which could be the cause of the problem. As for true MCC004 media, MCC media has never been that well-liked by either LiteOn or BenQ drives, it would seem, based on what I’ve heard and seen.

As for BS0H vs. BY01… just because it’s newer doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. BY01 is an older firmware, more similar to BS01 than to BS02… and I think that, for the limited tests that I’ve done, BS01 isn’t bad. But I’ve actually never tried BY01, so I don’t know if, in practice, BY01 is as similar to BS01 as it is on paper.

As for BWSE vs. BS0G (haven’t tried BS0H yet), I’ve found the two to perform identically. Then again, my media selection is rather limited…

Thanks for that :). It was certainly interesting to see a 600% reduction in the PIF count (15783 to 2540), which is most likely due to what the drive learnt from the previous burn. Yes, Liteon’s recalibrate still needs more work but it is helping, as can be seen by the saw tooth effect.