New SOHR-5239S Firmware - 2S09

I just swapped my retired 5238S drives to 5239S made 09/2005, and i figured that my new drives (both of them) are flashed with probably new F/W version - 2S09 (like for 5239V)

I dumped it via LtnFW. So flash it also with LtnFW

Btw, do anybody know the difference between SOHR-5239S and SOHR-5239V (basically between S and V ranges?). There’s also mysterious SOHC-5236S and V versions available. Are firmwares interchangeable ?

there are minor changes in hardware between them
this is because of Zorron IDE patent law suite
you will notice that cache is only 1.5MB??!!
and no firmware are not interchangeable

Yup. I noticed that reported cache size is 1536 kB.
Do V series have bigger buffer ?

both are 1.5MB

How did you figured out zorron ide patent changes ? :wink: