New software to make real 1:1 copies?

I just posted the article New software to make real 1:1 copies?.

fUllStAh used our newssubmit to tell us about a new software called ‘The Cloner’ that is capable of making real 1:1 copies using RAW mode (like CloneCD):

The Cloner is a Cd-Replicator…

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Are there ANY advantages over cloncd, or is this just some unwelcome competition for olli? :frowning:

Are there ANY advantages over cloncd
None that I can see. Doesn’t seem like a very good program to me but since I haven’t tried it (€28,- is too much) I can’t be 100% sure of course…

LOL :smiley: It looks like someones kid brother wrote it for a project at primary school! How on earth can they expect to compete with the likes of CloneCD?!?

This is not completely new software. Some of u remember Subsonic Reader? Then u got it!! It re-newed Subsonic and it not as good as CCD.

I beta-tested the release version of this software for the guy, and it totally messed up my computer. It’s costing $200 to repair.

What about TAGES?

umm well it looks like its a product of toys’r us ---- :slight_smile: ill try it but i dont think it stands a chance :4

anyone wanna post me link in PM so I can d/l and trial this software for myself with my Plextor. GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK! ------------------ Stupid me there is a trial version too download ? doh where me brain gone too. Wouldn’t mine the serial etc. so I can trial longer. Buring @ x2 and then x1 sucks :frowning:

CloneCD – 20 someodd days to try it out, (quoting Data from star trek, fully functional) then it dont werk. TheCloner – 2x burn for 3 times then 1x till you register. :r CloneCD - 2.84 megs. Cloner - almost 9 megs.:r gee,i wonder where ill stay… :4

I think I’ll ignore it…

Don’t bother with it. I tried it to see what it was like and the 2o minutes it took to test both my burners (which are identical) was enough for me to uninstall it.

When I installed it, it forced me to overwrite my ASPI drivers. Which is not unusual for a burning program, but now I continually get an error message telling me to reinstall my original drivers. During installation of the program it [1] tried to contact somewhere? via the internet according to Zone Alarm. [2] caused Norton AV to pop up a “script virus” alert. [3] created a directory named “si” on all my hard drives. Basically, I don’t trust it and I deleted the friggin thing.

This guy is completely taking the piss. He’s copied the description of the program word-for-word straight from the CloneCD homepage. “The Cloner 3 is a powerful CD copy program. It writes in RAW mode, allowing full control on the written data. Therefore, The Cloner 3 will produce real 1:1 copies of your CDs.” “The Cloner is a CD Replicator. It is no Mastering Software. This simplifies the usage of the program. The Cloner creates working safety backups of every PC-CD.” Sound familiar?! Check: for the original, and: for the cheap copy. Sums up this program altogether.