New software from Alcohol team, Ice Alcohol, for DVD nuts!

I just posted the article New software from Alcohol team, Ice Alcohol, for DVD nuts!.

Our apologies for the slow news updates yesterday! CD Freaks and its team were at the Dutch ‘HCC’ event yesterday (and will also be there today and tomorrow) so we haven’t had much time to post…

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I really doubt this will be better than DVD2SVCD.

I’ve been using DVDx with great results. Can make SVCD, VCD, and DivX.

DVDx is fast, easy to use and gives great quality video DVD2SVCD is slower, more difficult to use but in combination with CCE gives fantastic quality(and that’s it for me folks) I doubt that Ice alcohol can better these two programs on their merits

it does’nt hurt to try it:)

Geez, why is everyone so quick to discredit any new software that comes out that isn’t from their favorite “programmer/company”?