New SMP2 client and A3 units

finally a new SMP client for windows and linux :bigsmile:
the new client also allows A2 WUs to run on winsmp :clap:
with the new client Stanford is also offering bonus points based on how quickly WUs are returned for users with a passkey and >10 A2/A3 WUs returned

from what I’ve read the new client makes native winsmp 5-10% faster than linux smp running in a VM :cool:

I’ll be trying this out in the next day or two :iagree:

more info here:

well its up and running, completed one A3 and working on the second, they run about 8-9hrs on my PII so I should be getting the bonus by monday unless they throw some A1s my way :rolleyes:

the bonus does make a small difference on these, I’m currently making about 1500ppd without bonus, when the bonus kicks in that should be 6-7k ppd :eek::bigsmile:

remember to use the -advmethods tag and your passkey when you run SMP2 :iagree::cool::cool:

getting close now, at 31% on my 9th A3 unit, should submit my first bonus some time tomorrow if all goes well :clap:

is anyone else running SMP2?

Thanks for keeping us posted on this jwill,
I am still folding hard on a few single core machines but no SMP client for me yet. I really want to get a GPU up and folding on one of my rigs but still awaiting a more powerful PSU
Anyone else?
Did you get the bonus?

yep, got my first bonus on the 9am update :smiley:

it was on the 10th wu submitted too, the way they worded it at stanford I thought it would be on the 11th

Just running the GPU’s myself getting about 7,000 ppd per unit.

Been busy if I get time I will look into this SMP2 stuff

after a solid run of A3’s 3 of my last 4 WU’s have been A1 :sad: hope they run out of these soon!