New Slysoft Coupon Code

the usual money off :clap:


(sorry if it’s been posted before)

Last day for coupon code " Halloween" so if you are waiting until the last moment, this is it.:iagree:

Does “cdfreaks” still work? If so, would be better for our forum? :confused:

Yes you are correct, “cdfreaks” would be the Coupon code to use. Sorry about that, I was just looking at their website and I posted.:o

No problem alan. :slight_smile: I was in the process of buying CloneCD, and DVDMobile yesterday, and wasn’t sure if the cdfreaks promotion was still valid. I entered it, and was able to get the discount using it. I am now the proud owner, of all the SS products. :clap:

Good choice Sockeye, congrats.