New slysoft anydvd beta

AnyDVD History (beta), 2005 01 02

  • New: Added support for a new version of the “Sony ARccOS
    protection” as found on “Resident Evil - Apocalypse” (US)
    or “Little Black Book” (US) to the option to remove
    “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • Fix: AnyDVD did not work correctly with Mini-DVDs in
    some CD-ROM drives
  • Fix: Sometimes assumed unprotected DVD-R/RWs are CSS
    protected DVDs with some drives
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

just saw this today!!

must be a goodie!!!


I just gave this version a try with the German rental version of “Walking Tall”.
When doing a simple file copy I afterwards can’t open these files in Shrink
(error message about corrupt VOBs).
However, Shrink can handle the files on DVD directly.

Is that the normal behaviour?

No, this is not normal.