New Skins



Hi all.
I really like to thank olli for his hard work with CloneDVD.
However, i was just wondering whether it is possible to have a couple of skins that users can use? This would be fantastic.
Once again top work on CloneDVD, it is a great program. :iagree:


What’s the point in new skins ?


Its like WINAMP – you can change the way the interface looks, make it different from “others”, customize, etc.


New skins would be ok by me! I just hope Olli fixes the interface so when you make it full screen it does not look so Fuked up! I can’t see why that would be so hard to do. Other then that I think CloneDVD kicks ass! :bow: If anyone does not know what I am talking about take a look what CloneDVD looks like at full screen. Part of it is cut off. That looks dumb!


lol, you have not idea how many people love that look of the filmstrip, it’s done on purpose…


Well maybe he could make a new interface for people who don’t like it. :slight_smile:


And it’s just about fool proof. :smiley: