New site style crashing IE7 using some functions

I am probably repeating someone - but I just wanted to share my experiences with the new style - first - I really do not like it compared to say version 2!

Also when I try to view the Profile it crashes IE7 - I use Vista Ultimate 32 bit SP1. And even when looking at Private messages thru 'notifications from the main page will crash IE7 too. (I can get to a list of mesages, but when I try to open a message - it crashes).

I really hope the ‘older’ styles will remain an option - they display posts in much better format - easier to view - w/o having to scroll endlessly - also I noticed that the right side of allot of image attachments are cutoff when using the new beta format.

Why the change if the old style worked so well - I think maybe there should be a poll when people log on to see what the majority think.:flower:


go into your “options” in your user profile and set the style u want back to 2.0…i did and havent had any issues